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Here is your chance to start a Insult website with more than 4000+ Insults. All you have to do is, just import our Insult Database to your Wordpress Site.
You can use adsense, affiliate program, or pay per impression for monetizing the site.

Database Details :

1.Includes more than 4000+ insults.
2.For wordpress ver 3.X.X and Above
3.Database Format: XML
4.Version 2.00

Demo: Click Here

  • Description

    WordPress Insult Database

    Thousands and thousands of online users are searching for quotes,jokes,sms,insults etc … If you are thinking of starting your own Insults site,You are at the right place. With our Insults Database ,you can set up your own Insults site within minutes.

    Our Insults database comes loaded with more than thousands of Funny Insults. Regarding installation, all you have to do is import the xml file using wordpress import function.



  • Additional information


    For wordpress ver 3.X.X and Above

    No of Insults

    More than 4000+ insults

    Database Format


    Database size




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